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April 14th marks the remembrance of the brutal Anfal campaign. Although the campaign began prior to this date, the Ba’athist regime launched the largest Anfal operations in the Germîyan areas in the South/Southeast of the province of Silêmanî on this date. In 1988 Saddam began a genocidal campaign code-named Anfal, a carefully planned eight-stage operation where 182 000 men, women and children were killed. This was part of a wider genocide that began decades earlier as hundreds of thousands of innocent Kurds perished as families were torn apart and over 4500 villages were destroyed. The genocide saw the use of chemical weapons countless times, most notably in Helebce, the disappearance of boys and men of any ages and the killings of Feylî Kurds in the 1970s and 1980s. The Kurdish nation continues to seek political, legal and moral recognition of Anfal as a genocide according to the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention.


Suryoyê Mêrdînê 


A Kurdish Woman of Divrik, an outstation of Sivas

Photo by E. C. Partridge

The Missionary Herald, Volume CVII, November 1911, p. 488


Guerrier kurde.

Fin XIXème siècle.

Source : “Kurdistan: dans l’ombre de l’histoire” de Susan Meiselas.


Gerîllakan û şorişgerakanî Hizbî Krekarêkanî Kurdistan.

Anonymous asked: "checkingoftheprivilege has intimated that xe rejects the Sahih Ahadith, placing xir outside the bounds of Sunnism (which is traditionally, no matter how dubiously, regarded as "orthodox Islam"), yet has the chutzpah to classify Kurds, who are largely Sunni (Yazidis and Shi'as a small minority), as "unorthodox Muslims." Oh, my sides, my aching breaking sides. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks."

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i’m 7000000000% sure white people cannot tell the difference between a muslim arab or a christian one. i’m sure white people cannot tell the difference between a christian indian or a hindu.

white people do not give a fuck.

hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the US. man you dumb as hell

kurds are muslims and we don’t need your skimmed knowledge about us, judging us bitch bye. just like in every religious group there are devoted ones and there are non-devoted ones.

islamic groups don’t fight for “national liberation” if you were actually smart you would know nationalism is prohibited in islam.


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imprisoned kurdish leader abdullah öcalan has been nominated for the nobel peace prize of 2014.

gorran (change) movement member heval kwestanî application to nominate the esteemed leader apö has been accepted by the nobel committee. kwestanî said that öcalan’s 2013 newroz speech which emphasized peace and democracy was a peaceful solution to turkey’s “kurdish problem” which was sparked conflict for over 30 years.

kwestanî said, “the fact that times magazine placed öcalan in a list of the 100 most influential people in the world was also a factor behind my nomination of öcalan for the prize. just as nelson mandela played a key role in the solution of problems in south africa, öcalan is playing a key role in the peaceful and democratic solution of the kurdish question. if öcalan is awarded with the nobel peace prize, this will go a long way in promoting peace and democracy in the whole region.”

Can we stop pretending that non-Muslim PoC don’t have privilege over Muslim PoC?


[TW: racism, anti-Muslim hate, colonialism]

Like notice how Black Christians in America still have Christian privilege to fall back on when Black Muslims like Somali and Malian immigrants do not? That’s because Black Christians DO have some kind of Western imperialism on their side and benefit from Christianity being the dominant religion.

The same is true with Hindu and Christian Indians: they make up the bulk of the ‘good PoC’ stereotype when no one gives a shit about Muslim Desis.

Then there’s Arab Christians whom I don’t even consider PoC since they almost always benefit from white and western imperialism in the Middle East. All you have to do is look at Lebanon and people like the ‘son of Hamas’ who are given a huge amount of privileges by the West for being anti-Muslim and pro-Christian.

Even white Marxists and white anarchists prop up the Kurds (who are very unorthodox Muslims and practically atheists) as the shining figures of class struggle in the Middle East - why????? That’s a huge slap in the face to all the Islamic groups that are engaged in national liberation. The same is true with the PFLP: it was founded by a Christian and consists mostly of western-style marxists who hate Islam and traditional Islamic values yet white marxists have no problem celebrating it over Hamas and other national liberation groups in Palestine.

We can’t ignore this any more and need to admit how it’s a form of colonialism to be celebrating non-Muslim PoC over Muslim PoC (which all Muslims are since no Muslim has white privilege). Non-Muslim PoC need to admit that they do benefit in this way and check their privilege.

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ܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܡܬܝ (dayro d-mor mattai - monastery of st. matthew). atop of mt. alfaf. nineveh province. assyria.

my favorite was a statue of a kurdish school-teacher named atta ahmed qadr, admired for his courage. he smuggled in pencils and wrote his story on the walls. he was taken to abu gharib and executed in 1991. here he is looking out the window, not helpless but rather empowered, and it gives a sense of hope in the otherwise hopeless space. [samantha stollenwerck]

the amna suraka prison (red security) was the headquarters of the mukbaharat, iraqi secret intelligence agency. it operated until march 9, 1991 when kurdish peshmerga liberated the city of slemani from iraqi sunni arab grip.

behind these doors, unspeakable crimes were committed against anyone who was viewed as a threat to the iraqi sunni arab nation - specifically kurds. anyone: students, intellectuals, nationalists, women, relatives of peshmerga, would be kidnapped and taken here then raped, tortured, starved, and left in solitary confinement until they were released or transferred to be executed.

the last photo is of the hall of mirrors, the conception of lady hero talabani. 182 000 mirror shards are plastered on the walls, signifying the estimated number of kurds to die by saddam’s campaign.

it is now an official war crimes museum.

it’s a daily reminder of how far we as a nation have come in 20 years.

did you know the ‘grey wolves’ (ultranationalist turk group) used to identify their next target by what their mustache looked like.

like the alevis usually have mustaches that are long at the ends and droop down towards the chin. kurds usually have a straight, comb mustache like tatlıses or joseph stalin. a sunni muslim usually had a short mustache that didn’t cover the lip like kerdoğan.

like they really decided who was kurdish and who was not so they could kidnap them and then torture, kill them based on their mustaches.


Dr. Qamislo. Cok tatli gulmuyomu ya :))


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