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  • "what are you talking about? women in kurdistan have rights. all of the women of my family work."
  • "nah there is no need of a push for women’s rights in kurdistan. they don’t wear the leçik and they can mingle with men, that’s enough freedom for them"
  • "my family isn’t like that……………………"

your family isn’t all of bashur, you asshole. and until you can hand me some data/statistics that back up what you’re saying, i’m just gonna continue to say that we’re a backwards, tribal people that still think women belong to their fathers.

indignantkurd replied to your post:

Yeah I know, I remember a LONG time ago reading about that but I was too young to comprehend why anything he did was actually bad and then it struck me last night as my mom was telling me everything. Granted both kinda suck, but Talabani has done more good for us than that tribal group of theirs. Not a surprise. Scum politicians. And I’ll check that out. Oh yeah, I always cringe when people say Hewler is going to be the new Dubai…why don’t you make living conditions for your people a little better first, so they can also enjoy the luxuries….

people in the eastern region of bashur and even in rojhelat don’t trust barzanis and i completely understand why. for god’s sake if you criticize them you can go missing for weeks and then they’ll find you with a bullet hole in your head like i don’t trust them.

talabani is great. i like how he was an active participant in making the kurdish cause known all across the western world but he began to lack in his morals when the 1990s came around.

i know right ugh dubai is dubai and hewler is hewler. you can’t make connections with either city because each city has a huge poverty rate that the government doesn’t want to fix. why are people glorifying cities who urbanize at staggering rates and have a huge unemployment and poverty rate that is probably not going to get fixed and will continue to rise within the next decade?

omg you are going at it, arent you indignantkurd


Kurdish mountains - I miss you!

“Jalal Talabani asked for a special channel of communication. I gave him one. I went to Sulaimaniya and hit them with the special ammunition. That was my answer. I continued the deportations at the same time. I told our contacts in the Kurdish villages that I could not let their villages survive, because I will attack them with chemical weapons. They said they loved their villages. I told them, ‘Then you and your family will die. You must leave right now because I cannot tell you the same day that I am going to attack with chemical weapons.’
I will kill them all with chemical weapons. Who is going to say anything? The international community? Fuck them! The international community, and those who listen to them.
Even if the war with Iran comes to an end and the Iranians withdraw from all occupied lands, I will not negotiate with Talabani and I will not stop the deportations.
This is my intention, and I want you to take serious note of it. As soon as we complete the deportations, we will start attacking them everywhere according to a systematic military plan. Even their headquarters. During our attacks we will take back one-third or one-half of what is under their control. If we can try to take two-thirds, then we will surround them in a small pocket and attack them with chemical weapons. I will not attack them with chemicals just one day, I will continue to attack them with chemicals for fifteen days. Then I will announce that anyone who wishes to surrender his gun will be allowed to do so. I will publish one million copies of this leaflet and distribute it to the North in Kurdish, Bahdini, Arabic and Sorani. I will not say it is from the Iraqi government. I will not let the government get involved. I will say it is from the Northern Bureau. Anyone willing to come back is welcome, and those who do not return will be attacked with destructive chemicals. I will not mention the name of the chemical because that is classified. But I will tell them they will be attacked with new weapons that will destroy them. So many threats will motivate them to surrender. Then you will see that all the vehicles of God Himself will not be good enough to carry them all. I swear that we will defeat them.
I told our comrades that I need guerrilla groups in Europe to kill whomever they see from these Kurdish saboteurs. I will do it, with the help of God. I will defeat them and follow them to Iran.” — Ali Hassan al-Majid, secretary-general of the Northern Bureau, transcript of a tape recording at a meeting in 1987, exact date unknown (via indignantkurd)


Ucu olmayan kalem, sayfaları eksik kitap, ‘türünün son örneği’ bile; daha az yalnız aşık olandan..


Rojek li Mêrdînê

indignantkurd replied to your post:
:( Me and my mom were discussing him and his father yesterday, and she’s just told me so much more that I didn’t know and I’ve grown to loathe him. Selfish bastard. Breaks my heart.
his father struck deals with saddam even when mistefa didn’t believe saddam was being sincere. he doomed us all to be in the situation we are in right now. i appreciate how he tried to make negotiations and stray away from fighting but literally mistefa was an incredibly stubborn man that didn’t think of the many outcomes that could happen from his decisions based on his one-track mind.

i’ve never liked the barzanis.

if you read invisible nation by quil lawrence, the entire first two chapters are all about mistefa barzani and how his dumb decisions and relying on america too much ruined things.

but yeah massoud is turning into a nepotist who only cares about making capital and turning bashur into a booming region filled with hotels and restaurants that kurdish citizens can’t even use because they can’t afford it.





Mehmet Atli - Keje
batmanandhiscats asked: "What's your opinion on the trenches being dug between Bashur and Rojava?"

it’s downright disgusting.

massoud needs to go.

how can he do this to his own people? they’re in a time of war and they’re being shot at from all sides: assad, the islamists, and some stray turks who cross the border to kill some kurds.

that’s very selfish. kurds across the border accepted his father when he was in exile so why can’t he help those kurdish refugees?

he’s turning into an even more corrupt person who’s making backdoor deals with turkey regarding oil all the while saying “there is no power in the world who can deny us in creating our own state.” i believe he’s the type of person that only thinks of bashur when he hears the word kurdistan. stupid.


21 March 2014 (Newroz) Zaxo, Kurdistan


Gora ”Bilbilê Kurdistanê” Mihemed Arif Cizîrî,li Duhokê…

» Sehid Hozan Serhad - Ez Kurdistanim


Ez Kurdistan im bûka cîhan im
Cihê mêranî, şêrê giran im
Kaniya jînê warê hebûnê
Li hêviya we me rojê dertînim
Xwedî serok û al û partî
Hemû petrol û zêr û zêvî me
Dayika mazlûm û kemal, xeyrî me
Leşkerê rojên berxwedana me