Cejna we piroz be // جه‌ژنتان پیرۆز


جه‌ژنتان پیرۆز بێ و هه‌موو جه‌ژنێکتان به‌خۆشی

We wish you a happy and a festive Eid

عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وانتم بخير

Cejna remazana piroz li hemi piroz be

#Kurdish rug. 

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Old Ottoman city of Kirkuk, Iraq.  2010. (x)

kirkuk is not iraq gdi

also kirkuk existed before the ottoman empire so this whole caption is misleading.


Evon wahab on We Heart It.

one of the most prettiest kurds out there… i mean look at her

follow her instagram at @makeupbyevon​ and her youtube channel!

Armenian Writing Added to Street Signs in Van | Asbarez Armenian News

the kurdish tv channel urmiye tv also uses armenian writing in its broadcasts :-)) i don’t know why they don’t use aramaic tho

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Fun with my besti Kiana ♡ at the Tebestoon Festival (Persian Festival)! Her Kurdish dance rocked! #tebestoonfestival #yyc #bffs #bae #sister #besties #kurdish #dance #beauty #summer


the feast of breaking the fast 

    In each Muslim country the feast of breaking the fast is a very important.The feast lasts for 3 days. before the day comes, people start going to shopping and buy all kind of fruit, vegetables, candies and specially dried nuts. Dried nuts are the main thing to serve on the feast. So when the day comes and when we first wake up we go and kiss our parents wishing them a happy feast after that my mother cooks (not like the other days) rice and beans,its like a tradition ,but it depends some families will have a simple breakfast. After that, we go to visit my Grandmother where all the relatives gather, sit together, kids playing around and everybody’s happy. Then, my grandma starts to cook for launch, she makes the yummiest dishes. After that other relatives come and others go. So That’s how we spend the feast.

I hope everyone enjoy those days and have a blessed one :)

PS: Those pictures are taken form my lovely country Kurdistan. :)   


Ağrı Kürt Cumhuriyeti Bayrağı Nöbetçileri-1927 

fighters of the kurdish republic of ararat


Dans les pas de René Mauriès (16/25) : la vraie fausse mort d’Idriss Barzani (bataille de Rwanduz en 1966)

Une photo importante pour l’histoire. “Sous une hutte de branchages, au front, Idriss Barzani (à gauche) le jour-même où Radio Bagdad annonçait sa mort, le colonel Qazi, le chef d’état-major (au centre), et Samy (à droite).” 

In the footsteps of René Mauriès (16/25) : true false death of Idris Barzani (Battle of Rwanduz, 1966)

A large photo for the story. “Under a hut of branches, in frontline, Idriss Barzani (left) the same day that Radio Baghdad announced his death, Colonel Qazi, Chief of Staff (center), and Samy (right). “


Dans les pas de René Mauriès (15/25) : Mollah Moustafa Barzani au front (bataille de Rwanduz en 1966)

René Mauriès a passé pas mal de temps aux côtés de Moustafa Barzani lors de son séjour au Kurdistan, en 1966. Au sujet de cette photo, il écrit: “Mollah Moustaf Barzani, au front, prenant connaissance d’un message apporté par une estafette. A gauche, Aziz Akraoui (Aqrawi in Kurdish), ancien représentant des Kurdes au Caire, expulsé par Nasser.”

In the footsteps of René Mauriès (15/25) : Mulla Mustafa Barzani in frontline (Battle of Rwanduz, 1966)

René Mauriès spent some time alongside Mustafa Barzani during his stay in Kurdistan in 1966. About this photo, he wrote: “Mulla Mustafa Barzani, in frontline, taking cognizance of a message brought by a courier. On the left, Aziz Aqrawi, former representatives of the Kurds in Cairo, expelled by Nasser. “

Tribute to 13 peshmerga killed in the Battle of Jalawla, July 24, 2014


Sarbaz devoted his life to the defense of Kurdistan. Engaged very young with PUK peshmerga, he survived the Baathist barbarity in the 80s… but not obscurantism jihadists of the Islamic State self-proclaimed. As twelve of his men, brave colonel aged 41 and father of five children died in the Battle of Jalawla near Khaneqin, July 24, 2014.


Sarbaz surrounded by some of the other peshmerga killewith him in Jalawla.


When Kurdish soldiers launched the offensive that day at 2:00 am, Sarbaz was at the forefront. Seven hours, the peshmerga fought before freeing the city. A short-term success. A few hours later, the jihadists have launched an attack against them, preceded by intensive fire mortars, forcing Kurds to a hasty retreat lack of ammunition to resist (read below).

The outcome of this battle was 38 jihadists killed EIIL side, 13 dead and 40 wounded peshmerga side. Sarbaz (whose name means soldier in Kurdish) was from Akre city. Here is his latest picture, taken 6 minutes before his death, and an older photo, alongside his five kids now fatherless.



"Xode g razi bet" Kurds say, sure that God’s protection will be given to their martyrs. And yet, all would still see them smile.  How many deaths even before the international community to respond and finally gives the Kurds the means to impose their model of democracy against the proponents of green fascism in Iraq and Syria?

Sophisticated weapons or chaos

Mustafa Seid Qadir, Minister of Peshmargas in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), has quickly made ​​the outskirts of Jalawla to understand why the city won a few hours earlier had been lost so quickly, July 24, 2014. A journalists present there had the answer: the logistics did not follow. The peshmerga ran out of ammunition and support after taking the city. More worrying for the future, they do not have as sophisticated as those jihadists weapons, U.S. weapons taken without a fight, June 10, 2014 in Mosul, when the Iraqi army fled the city. Hopefully this argument eventually influence the policy of the United States which, so far, unwilling to provide weapons to the Kurds without the approval of Baghdad which, of course, refuses… because Maliki is afraid to endorse in this way the independence of Kurdistan. But it is better, an independent democratic Kurdistan and Iraq pacified, respecting freedom of conscience? Or chaos in a caliphate where Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen have no other choice but to submit or die?