paipo-paipo replied to your post: “i have beef w everyone. even beef itself.”:
how could you beef with beef??? jjust for that, we beefin now

tell that to all the hindus across the world hmm

i have beef w everyone. even beef itself.

instead of taking up arms for ISIS and killing innocents to fulfill their dream of an islamic caliphate which will soon take over israel why don’t you cut out the middle man and just take up arms against israel because that’s your goal and it’ll prevent any terrifying shit to happen to everyone? like really. you’re putting all of us in danger

i have beef with gazans now

…………………………………………………………… this is some fucked up shit. it’s happening again. palestinians leaving their homes to kill kurds and iraqis again. just like the 1980s-1990s.


The Silk Road Ensemble - Silent City

Arranged to commemorate the bombing of the Kurdish village of Halabjah. Definitely listen with headphones. 


"Members of Iraq’s ethnic and religious minorities who sought refuge from hardline Sunni insurgents in semi-autonomous Iraqi-Kurdistan have been forced to flee once again after recent fighting. Now, housed in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the regional capital of Erbil, some told VICE News that they feel powerless and used for political means by Kurdish authorities." -John Beck for Vice News (read more)

Photography by: Vice News/Frederick Paxton

i hate vice news for not recognizing kurds as a separate entity rather than “iraq’s people” like honestly.

why would you bring a black flag to a protest which is adjacent to a kurdish protest that’s against ISIS who holds black flags like you’re asking for trouble? you’re asking to be called out for insulting those that are at risk of being killed by those men with the black flags?


TAHSİN TAHA - Tu xewın bûy hemî gava

Tu xewın bûy hemî gava
Te lı mın berdan Rûndkêt çava
Kele girî ket hinava
Ne tu bûy Bîk ne ez Zava

Ka Ew xewın Cana şevê
Ka ew Xewın Heîva şevê
Tık tık Dılî gût mın tû dvêy
Te bûç hêlam ser van kûla

Ka ew Xewın ka ew çıra
Da belavkem lı hemî dıra
Rêk neçûyê lı çıderava
Ne tu bûy Bîk ne Ez Zava

Xewna mın bu neya hewe
Mın fal vekır gût dırawa
Ez hışyarbum lı gel Roj ava
Ne tu bûy Bîk ne Ez Zava


The Komala’s freedom fighters in southern Kurdistan.


The first Yazidi PKK Woman Fighter Binevş Agal (Berivan Cizre)


For some reason, I’ve always felt at home in the Kurdish regions I’ve visited, be it in Iran, Turkey, Syria or Iraq. A little rough on the edges, never too comfortable, but the people always warm, open and friendly.

One of my favourite places to wander is the lively bazaar of Sulaymaniyah (Slemani, Sulaymaniya) in Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Live chickens for sale here. Free cups of tea with it. I hope it will remain this peaceful.

1/200s, f/5, ISO 400.

© Guido Dingemans. Licensed by Getty Images (2014).

this is a very nice thing to say but please don’t mention iraq, turkey, iran, or syria when talking about kurdistan.


The first day of school in newly self-created Republic of Kurdistan, Mehabad, 1946.